Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | June 14, 2010

For all you onion haters out there…there is hope. I used to be one.

Onions and I used to have a hate-hate relationship. Seriously, I couldn’t stand those pungent little buggers. Plus, who would want to eat a veggie that was mean enough to make you cry!? Now I realize though that those tears we shed when cutting through an onion are really tears of joy. Joy because of the anticipation of flavoring a homecooked meal with the aroma and taste of a delicious onion.

What? A girl can change her mind! I’m really surprised how full circle I came with eating onions. I never used to be able to eat an onion, even if it was cooked into a meal. But not completely surprised because did you know that as a kid you have to be introduced to a new food several times before knowing if you really like it or not. Maybe I just wasn’t introduced to it enough as a kid… 🙂 This is such a great revolution for me though now that I’ve been doing a lot of cooking on my own because so many recipes call for onions. Normally I would have just omitted them but now I see the amazing difference adding onion can make to a dish.

Plus did you know that onions have outstanding nutritional benefits?! Let’s discuss.

  • Onions are loaded with sulfur-containing compounds like allyl propyl disulphide. Remember our talk about phytochemicals!? This one of em!
  • High in chromium, a trace element. Between this element and the phytochemical listed above, onions may have some effects on lowering blood sugar in those with Diabetes.
  • Studies have also shown that regular consumption of onions can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease!
  • Studies have also found an association between intake of onions with lower incidence of some cancers thanks to those flavanoids and antioxidants they contain!
  • Onion. Does a body good. A new compound has been identified in onions, GPCS, that was shown to inhibit the activity of osteoclasts (mean old cells that break down our bones) in animals.
  • Contain some anti-inflammatory compounds, always a good thing for those with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis.

Wanna try a dish that contains some super healthy onion?! I’ve made this recipe for Skillet Gnocchi With Chard & White Beans a few times now because it’s pretty delicious and the first time I made it I skipped out on the onion. Big mistake. The onions totally add some great flavor to this dish. Enjoy!

If you happen to have a similar distaste for onions like I used to, I challenge you. Try a dish with onions every so often and see if your feelings change. You too can have a love-love relationship with onions.

Peace, love, and food,



  1. who knew!! thanks for the great informative post kara!

    • You’re welcome Elizabeth! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Kara…that gnocchi dish looks so good. Would you be able to post the recipe for that? Love reading your blogs!

    • Thank you! It is really delicious. The recipe is linked in my post. If you click on the recipe title, it will link you to the recipe on Eating Try it!

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