Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | June 30, 2010

Exciting summer tales!

So much has been going on recently, I feel like this past month was a whirlwind! With my agenda, the rest of this summer is going to fly by too! I wanted to share with you some of the fun stuff that has been going on in my life and that will be happening very soon!

First, food stuff.

Garden update! I’m a little saddened to say only a small portion of our garden is taking off. It’s okay because the plants that are flourishing are green beans! I’m so excited the plants are starting to bud and they are getting so tall! We are thinking we need to tie them to the fence or stake them because they are getting tangled up together.

The butter lettuce is trying to take off but it’s just a lil’ guy now. We will keep watering it daily and giving them lots of love, and hopefully they will continue to grow.

I’m gonna say that the basil we planted is a lost cause. My roommate though was thinking about buying a basil plant and transferring it to the garden to grow it that way. Will keep you updated!

Farmer’s Market: First trip of the season! The Allston Farmer’s Market opened July 18th and will continue on Fridays until October. This market is conveniently located two seconds from my apartment! Unfortunately though, I’ve been so busy that I have missed the last two Friday farmer’s markets. So this Sunday I obviously felt compelled to venture out a little further into Harvard Square on Sunday to get me some farmer’s market action and satisfy my local food craving. Felt so great to be back at a farmer’s market, having been in withdrawal since October. I wanted to buy everything in sight but since my wallet felt differently, I bought the following: blueberries, raspberries, onions, tomatoes, basil, lettuce. Woooo hoooo! Local foods. I love them so much! They make me happy. Not only do I know they are super nutritious and packed with nutrients but also buying local is super environmentally friendly! To learn more about local foods vs conventional foods, check out a previous post. Plus I love supporting farmers who are doing good. To find your closest farmer’s market, go to Local Harvest.

I made a pretty delicious sauce with my local ingredients that I threw over organic basil and garlic gnocchi. I chopped up and sauteed the onions, tomatoes, and basil, and then threw some garlic and pepper into the mix and voila! Topped the dish off with some Parmesan cheese. On the side, I had some sauteed shrimp and a salad with local lettuce and local raspberries with balsamic vinaigrette. Pretty fantastic meal.

Next, blog stuff.

Some exciting news on the blog forefront is I am doing some additional blogging on the side for some super fantastic RDs. I just guest posted a blog about a delicious, healthy summer snack – Tomato and Avocado Salsa on Corinne’s blog, Green Grapes Blog. Next week, on July 6th, check out Janel’s blog, Eat Well With Janel, for an exciting guest post by moi! In about two weeks, I’ll be doing some writing for Melissa at SuperKids Nutrition! I really love writing, especially about food and nutrition, and am so grateful that these wonderful dietitians are helping me grow.

More exciting news is I got this official contract to sign from Foodbuzz so that I can become a featured Foodbuzz publisher! 1. I loved how official it all felt. 2. I got so excited when I saw my name at the bottom of the page and underneath that, it said Owner, Peace, Love, and Food. I never considered myself the “owner” of this blog, but I suppose I am! Movin’ on up ladies and gents!

Finally, internship stuff!

Well, I’m at the two month stretch. I’m almost done! August 27th, I will officially be a graduate of the Mount Auburn Hospital Dietetic Internship. Yay! These next two months are going to be fantastic because what I have left is:

  • 1 week vacation (next week!) at a house on the finger lakes
  • 1 week in Seattle WA! That’s right I’m flying over to the other side of the country to do a rotation. Sweet deal huh? I’m going to spend time at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health to learn more about integrative nutrition!
  • Writing for SuperKids Nutrition
  • Teaching nutrition classes to summer interns at City Sprouts, a garden-based learning program
  • 5 weeks of staff relief, a final case study presentation….

And then I’m DONE!!

What comes after the internship?! We’ll save that one for another time…

Happy Summer!

Peace love, and food,


What exciting plans do you have this summer?!




  1. I loved reading about your garden! I am giving my first one a go right now. I have to say, my basil plants have done so much better in the garden than in a pot. Maybe you will have better luck with that too!

    • Thanks Alysa! Our basil didn’t do so well in the garden but we planted them from seeds. Now we’re thinking about buying a basil plant and then transferring it into the garden. It’s a lot of fun though, hope you’re enjoying your first gardening experience too!

  2. Wow you have a lot goin on girl! Props to you for your garden. It’s tough, but you’re doing a great job! Good luck with the rest of your internship… power through! 🙂

    • Haha thanks Jess! I’m definitely learning how much work a garden can be, who knew weeds could grow back so fast?! But the results make up for the work! Hope you’re enjoying your summer so far!

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