Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | August 9, 2010

Pride of New York at Burnap’s Farm Market

A month ago I took a vaca with my family to Sodus Bay in Ontario, NY. It was a relaxing trip as we spent our days lounging in front of lake Ontario, soaking up vitamin D, and tubing on the lake with our pontoon boat. One day, we took a little drive to find a local winery but came across something on our way that sparked our interest a little bit more.


Meet Burnap’s Farm Market. A family-owned business around since the 70s. They sell produce grown on their own farm and have a garden cafe where they serve lunch incorporating their own produce into the menu. It was awesome! We decided to stop and have ourselves a local lunch. I had salad with blueberries, tortellini, pine nuts, onion, and parmesean cheese. It was delicious. I think the fresh blueberries were my favorite part! Of course, I couldn’t leave without Gifford’s ice cream! Especially since they had homemade waffle cones. YUM! I went with Maine Black Bear which was vanilla ice cream with a black raspberry swirl with chocolate raspberry mini-melts.

When I was at Burnap’s I saw a sign for Pride of New York. Never having heard of this before, I read the brochure they had on hand. Pride of New York is a program “developed to promote and support the sale of agricultural products grown and food products processed within New York State.” Members of the Pride of NY include not only farmers but also retailers, restaurants, distributors, processors, and culinary associations. On their website, you can search to find out who’s a member of the program and which restaurants are part of the movement! You can also check out the harvesting season for NY so you know what’s growing when. While you’re there, read up on the NY Farm to School Program whose mission is to bring local foods into the school system.

Do you remember what the benefits are of eating local?! Remember my post on the industrial food system? Let me break it down for you again.

Top 5 Reasons why I LOVE LOCAL food!

  • Taste. There is nothing better than biting into a peach picked right from a tree or tasting a tomato from your local farmer’s market. Fresh=delicious.
  • Nutritious. Local produce is packed with vitamins and minerals. That’s because unlike conventional produce, local food doesn’t travel 1000’s of miles to get to your plate, losing some of its nutritional value along the way. The sooner you eat produce after its harvested, the more nutrients you’ll get!
  • Good for Mother Nature. Buying local cuts down on travel, packaging, and processing, which reduces the fossil fuels released into the environment.
  • Show love for your farmer. Farmers need our support to stay in business. It’s always a great thing when you can get to know the farmer who grows and produces your food. That way you can even ask them questions about how your food is harvested, ie. Is it organic? Do they use pesticides? Is their beef grass-fed? Are their eggs free-range? Buying local not only helps out the farmers it helps your local economy as well!
  • Save your mula. When you buy produce that’s in-season, you save money! You can be sure if you are buying local produce that it is in-season.

If you have never eaten local produce, I challenge you to taste the difference. Find your local farmer’s market or take a trip to your closest farm and pick some produce yourself! August is a great month for peach and blueberry picking.

Peace, love, and food,


What do you love about local food? What’s your favorite food to buy local?




  1. Great post!! Boston is really working to expand it’s local offerings, which is always exciting!! have you heard about the local food festival in october??
    restaurant week also has a lot of local offerings-reason #2348798273 we need to go!

    • thanks! im always excited to see boston expanding its local options and so glad u gave me the heads up for the food festival! it’s on my birthday! 🙂
      cant wait to check out the local scene during restaurant week too!

  2. Mass also has a similar thing called MassGrown, and when I was in VT earlier in the year they have it too! I love local food because I feel like I am supporting my local economy with my food dollars. It supports my local farmers and transitions the money away from big Ag. It’s also a good way to know what grows locally. WHile I was working a farmers market yesterday, a woman asked if the farmer had bananas. Really? At a New England farmers market? We have a long way to go teaching people about local food!!

    • Thanks for sharing! I’m so glad states are being proactive about promoting the local food movement. What a great reason to love local food too! It’s a great feeling knowing you’re supporting your local farmers. I can’t believe the story about bananas at the farmer’s market! Guess we better keep educating and spreading the word!

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