Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | August 17, 2010

Terrific tacos and an awesome free giveaway!

Ok readers, something super exciting is about to happen on this blog. I’m offering a free giveaway to one LUCKY reader!! What am I giving away for free?!  To find out, first you’ll have to read below on how to make a healthy taco. Details on the free giveaway below!

Hola! I gotta tell you, I love Mexican food. Give me some salsa, beans, and guac, and I am one happy camper. Mexican food can be super healthy if you do it the right way with fresh, whole foods. Sorry, Taco Bell is not going to cut it. Fast-food Mexican is going to be loaded in sodium and fat, especially if you go the beef and cheese route. Instead, the next time you get that craving to put on a sombrero and eat a terrific taco, make it at home! Making food at home is great because not only does it save mucho mula but you also know exactly what ingredients and foods you’re putting into your body.

Tips to make a healthy taco:

  • Make a homemade salsa! Use whole foods like onion, tomato, cilantro, and lime juice. Skip out on the processed jars of salsa. Believe me it tastes ten times better if you make it yourself.
  • Guacamole it up! An easy guac can be made with only a few ingredients, avocado, lime juice, onion, and garlic. Avocados, the main ingredient of guacamole, are loaded with super healthy monounsaturated fats.
  • Skip the white flour tortilla and try some whole-wheat tortilla action. Fiber will fill you up and you won’t feel the need for that extra taco!
  • Make it meatless! Try your tacos with beans instead! Black or pinto beans both work really well in Mexican food! Or try fish tacos! I think some people might be a little apprehensive about trying fish tacos but if my oh-so-picky-eater boyfriend liked them, I think anyone can learn to love them!

I recently tried a great recipe for beer-battered fish tacos from I made the tomato & avocado salsa that goes with it too. I think I’m more of a fan of this salsa recipe than any other because you get the best of both worlds with the avocados in it. It’s almost like you have some guac too! Serve the tacos with some blue corn tortilla chips and you are good to go!

Alright I won’t keep the suspense any longer. Attune foods has offered to giveaway a free box of Uncle Sam Cereal to one lucky reader!

Recently, the lovely people from Attune Foods sent me a box of Uncle Sam Cereal to taste and review. Now I’m going to be honest, I had never tried this cereal before, but boy was I impressed! Not only is it super-duper nutritious but its crunchy texture is super-duper delicious!

Let me break down the nutrition of this cereal for ya:

  • LOW in sugar (less than 1 gram per serving! how many cereals can say that?!)
  • HIGH in fiber (10 whopping grams of fiber per serving)
  • LOW in sodium (only 135 mg of sodium per serving)
  • 4 ingredients! Talk about totally natural! It includes whole-wheat flakes, flaxseeds, salt, and barley malt
  • Flaxseeds are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids! Flaxseeds are a must-eat if you’re not a salmon fan!

Enjoy this cereal with milk or goes great with yogurt to add some crunch without all the calories of granola! I decided to go along with the patriotic theme of the cereal by adding strawberries and blueberries to my breakfast bowl!

So how do you enter the free giveaway of Uncle Sam cereal?

  • Receive one entry by commenting on this post why you would love to receive Uncle Sam Cereal
  • Receive another entry by tweeting Free giveaway by @karalydon. Enter to win a free box of Uncle Sam Cereal by 8/19.
  • Enter by 8/19 and I will randomly pick a winner and announce it on Friday!

In the Boston area and want to get your hands on some Uncle Sam?! Follow @bostonbrekkie on twitter to find out when they will be giving out free Uncle Sam breakfasts around the Boston area.

Happy taco-ing and Uncle Sam-ing!

Peace, love, and food,


How do you like your tacos? Have you ever tried Uncle Sam cereal?



  1. I’d love to receive this cereal because I JUST RAN OUT OF CEREAL! but also, unrelated, those tacos look DANK and I wish you could just send me some of those!

  2. I’d like this Uncle Sam’s Cereal because nothing screams AMERICA like a cereal named after Uncle Sam!

  3. I’d like this cereal because it sounds like it would be delish with some plain greek yogurt and fresh fruit! Yum yum! Whole grain carbs, protein, and lots of vitamins and micronutrients!

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