Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | October 15, 2010

A delightful delicious day in Davis

Last Saturday I embarked on a musical journey to Davis Square to check out Honk! A Festival of Activist Street Bands. Over 20 bands joined together to perform music as a way to express their protest against violence and oppression but also to express their support for various causes and institutions such as community gardens and multicultural festivals.

What was anticipated to be a musical journey delightfully turned out to be a foodie journey as well (as most of my outings are…I mean we all gotta eat!)

First stop: Dave’s Fresh Pasta for sandwiches. I kind of want to live in Davis Sq just so I can be closer to Dave’s. Not only do they have delicious sandwiches, they have groceries including local produce, fresh pasta, cheeses, dinners, and a wide selection of wine and beer. Everything and anything to make your mouth water.

Awesome sandwich selections.


Hello, farm fresh produce.


Ta da! Artichoke and arugula sandwich with grilled portabella mushrooms, arugula, handmade fresh mozzarella, and artichoke-lemon pesto

Next stop: Diesel Cafe to caffeinate.

Iced coffee. A cappuccino. And my red hibiscus iced tea.


Last stop: Dave’s Fresh. Okay so it was our first AND last stop. Can you blame us? When in Davis…

Eat pasta every day. Maybe not every day but we definitely did that night.


Fresh pasta: Egg pasta and saffron pasta


Choppin some spinach…


Sage & butter and sauteed spinach


Voila! Saffron pasta with butter & sage and egg pasta with smoked tomato cream



I love day outings that turn into food adventures. I love discovering new restaurants or in this case, sandwich shop/grocer/wine&beer store/pasta shop all-in-one. After that dinner, I became inspired to one day make my own pasta. But for now, I would love to find another place that is close-by that sells fresh handmade pasta.

Peace, love, and Food,


Have you had a good food adventure lately? Is there a food you would like to try making from scratch at home?




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