Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | December 29, 2010

How to handle a snowstorm: Hot cocoa mix for 2

Blizzard of 2010: Boston expected to get 2 feet of snow, 60 mph winds, zero visibility, and accumulation of 2-4 inches per hour.  

How did I survive the snow storm? Let me go through the checklist.

1. If you are traveling from Buffalo, NY, make sure to leave your house by 6:30 am the day after Christmas to drive 8 hours in a car in order to beat the storm. Check.

2. If your car is parked on a street in the city of Boston during a snow emergency, make sure to move it before it gets towed. Oops.

3. If you overlooked #2 and your car does get towed, don’t fret. You can prepare peppermint fudge hot cocoa later that day to allow the events of the day to disappear in a cloud of marshmallows. Check.

There you have it. Hot Cocoa Mix for 2 is the way to ensure you are prepared for the residual effects of a snow storm like the Blizzard of 2010. My mom stuck the hot cocoa mix in my stocking this year, and I thought what a better time to indulge than a car-towing-snow-storm.

The mix included hot cocoa mix, fudge pieces, peppermint candies, and marshmallows.

Nothing can beat a touch of peppermint in hot chocolate. I take that back. Nothing can beat even plain hot chocolate on a cold snowy day. So Boston, if you would like to bring on Blizzard #2 this winter season, I have two words for you: bring it.

I’ll be prepared. With my hot cocoa.

Peace, love, and food,


What is your favorite treat during cold winter weather?


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