Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | January 10, 2011

Steve makes portobello mushroom sandwiches

Ever since Steve and I moved in together, he has been trying to make an appearance on my blog. Whether his motives were to showcase his culinary creations or to prove that I am not the only one who cooks in this apartment, either way he has been auditioning to appear on my blog. And ladies and gentlemen, he finally made the cut.

Obviously I exaggerate to an extent, I have not been holding open auditions at our apartment. But he has been wanting to get a little action on Peace, Love, and Food, and I think it’s cute that he wants to get involved in something that means a lot to me.

On Friday night I was in the Jamaica Plain area so I had to stop at City Feed. City Feed is an awesome local grocery that is all about local, organic, sustainable, and fair-trade foods. They have great produce, delicious sandwiches, and coffee drinks galore. I picked up a few things to make portobello mushroom sandwiches per Steve’s recommendation for dinner that night. I bought two large and in charge portobellos, Iggy‘s sourdough bread, Vermont- made goat cheese, and roasted red peppers. I also spotted Food that Should Taste Good’s sweet potato chips which I’ve had my eye out for for a while now, so I obviously snagged them as well. And I left with a latte in my hand. I couldn’t resist!

Steve made dinner when I got home and shut down my numerous attempts to ask if he wanted any help. He was a man on a mission. Mission = make it on Kara’s blog :). He made some mmm mmm good sandwiches though with no help of mine!

Take a look…

He even wanted to make sure I got the best shot of the dinner. He spent time arranging the food on the plate (and yes, the towel over the shoulder was thrown in for effect 🙂 ).

Close up action: balsamic vinaigrette and pesto on the portobello and a little olive oil on the toasted sourdough.

Steve’s sandwiches were delicious and deserved a showcase on my blog. I look forward to what else Steve will bring to the kitchen table. Who knows, maybe another Peace, Love, and Food appearance is in his future.

Peace, love, and food,


How do you like your portobello mushrooms?




  1. Sounds delicious! I’d love to have that for dinner any day. Great job Steve!

  2. Those sandwiches look great! And I still need to get over to City Feed. I hear such good things. My fiance always checks my blog after he’s helped me prepare dinner or something and makes sure I give him due credit. It’s too funny!

  3. WOW – these look AMAZING.
    Really mouth watering… YUUUM.
    I wish I could find portobello mushrooms around here…
    Living in Brazil can be tough!
    Haha 😉

  4. Wow…they looks delicious! Tell Steve I’ll be putting in my order for those when I come to visit!! P.S…love the towel effect for the photo!!

  5. this post is hilarious and so cute. congrats to steve for making the blog and making a great sandwich.

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