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Brand spankin new Boston restaurants Part I

I have had so many dinner dates lately I feel like quite the social butterfly. This is perfect because not only do I love food but I love trying new restaurants! Steve has lately been referring to my food related outings as my “affair with food” since I seem to always be going out and the underlying reason is always food. Affair with food? Yes, please. Sign me up.

I tried two new brand spankin new Boston restaurants recently. The first one I tried a few weeks back was Lolita Cucina & Tequila Bar.

Lolita, an upscale Mexican restaurant, located on Dartmouth St. in Back Bay sits below ground level in the space that once was Paparazzi. A co-worker recommended Lolita to me after she went there for dinner with friends. She told me about all the fun twists that accompanied dinner and I decided I had to see this for myself. I went to Lolita early on a Saturday night with two good friends from college, Ana and Andi. It was a good thing we were looking to have an early dinner because by the time we left the place was packed!

We walked into a dark restaurant with dim red lights and a funky decor. Each table was decorated with a vase of short cut red roses. When we first sat down we were served a complimentary grapefruit granita with a tequila float that sat on dry ice. It tasted like a grapefruit flavored tequila slush. Let’s just say I was glad there was only enough for one spoonful each.

The drink menu is impressive, serving innovative margaritas and offering over 200 tequilas. Andi and Ana went with the Broken Heart margarita – gran centenario rosangel, st. germain, patron citronge, white grapes, and fresh raspberries. I decided to veer from the norm and went with the Bonita – patron reposado, domaine de canton ginger, white peach puree, & fresh lime. Both were de-lish!

Next up we were served hot homemade tortilla chips with three different types of salsa. Let’s just say these went fast.

They gave us a final hot sauce to try – a habenero mango hot sauce which we were warned was extremely spicy. I like spicy but nothing that is going to burn my tongue off. I thought this was going to be one of those burn your tongue off sauces so I approached with caution. But I was pleasantly surprised (and confused) why this sauce was more mild than hot.

For dinner, I ordered the Mercado Verde- two wild mushroom, sweet potato and zucchini enchiladas with black beans & green and red sauces. Black beans and sweet potatoes are a favorite combination of mine! The sauces on the enchiladas were fantastic too!

We opted no for dessert but were intrigued when a giant green cloud of green apple pop rock cotton candy appeared on our table. I’m not a fan of green apple flavored anything (but can enjoy a green apple…) so I wasn’t thrilled by the taste. But I took enjoyment in the trip down memory lane to my childhood and felt like a kid again.

Last but not least, they left us with temporary tattoos and a damp towel for proper tattoo making. Check out these guns! 🙂

It’s no surprise that Lolita has been so popular. Here, dinner feels more like a production than anything else, which makes it unique. It’s a fun spot for a girl’s night out or a date night with a significant other.

If you haven’t had the Lolita experience yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. (The answer: super cool tats)

Tune in next week for Part II of Brand Spankin’ New Restaurants in Boston…

Peace, love, and food,


Have you tried Lolita? Or any other new restaurants lately?

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