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Brand spankin new boston restaurants part II

I’m just going to throw it out there. I have awesome co-workers. Once a month my awesome co-workers and I get together outside of work for dinner club. For dinner club, recently abbreviated DC, we rotate taking turns choosing a restaurant. About 8 or so of us meet up at a super cool restaurant on a Wednesday night and indulge in delicious food and drink. The month of February was all Kelli – she chose Tico, a super new and trendy restaurant that literally just opened a week or so before our reservation.

Tico is located on Berkeley St in downtown Boston right across from Fire + Ice. It is the newest restaurant by Owner and Executive Chef Michael Schlow. Tico has a fun and trendy atmosphere, offering a full bar equip with tequila, tequila, and more tequila. We might be seeing a trend here with my recent restaurant endeavors…Lolita Cucina & Tequlia Bar, ring a bell anyone?

Tico is not your average tapas restaurant. While they do offer mostly small plates, Tico’s menu is American at its core, with influences from Spain, Mexico, and South America. The restaurant does offer some entrees for those who never learned how to share…but you are better off ordering a bunch of small plates when you come here and sharing with friends.

Although Tico has yet to unveil a drink menu, the restaurant boasts an impressive beer and tequila selection. Most of us ordered margaritas while waiting for our table to be ready. Raspberry and pomegranate margaritas were the popular drinks of the night. Reservations were at 7:30 on a Wednesday night and I was shocked to see how crowded it was! Our table wasn’t ready until after 8pm but the manager definitely made up for our inconvenience. Soon after we were seated, before we even ordered, we were served complimentary small plates. This was perfect since we were starving at this point. Small plates included shrimp with chipotle, mushroom and cheese quesadilla with black truffle salsa (amazing), chicken with spicy pomegranate, and crispy fried manchengo cheese with spicy pomegranate honey sauce. Very happy with our first round of small plates, we were ready to order more.

We each chose two small plates to share. I ordered the roasted cauliflower with creamy chipotle and crushed, crunchy fava beans.

I paired my veggies with a little protein :). I ordered the seared Tuna with escalivada salad and smoked paprika vinaigrette. I usually love seared tuna but this was served cold and I wasn’t crazy about what it was paired with. Not bad, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Meghan had the chorizo Risotto with pasilla chiles, scallion and parmigiano. This looked delicious, if only I ate chorizo..

Laura ordered shredded cabbage salad with spicy salsa verde vinaigrette and crushed almonds. This dish was awesome but the vinaigrette had a kick to it!

Other dishes we ordered that night…lobster and avovado tacos, “creamed” corn with bacon, chiles, and thai basil, fried calamari with ancho-lime aioli…

While we were eating our dinner…Steph’s husband Roger back at home was planning a little surprise for us. He called the restaurant to let them know it was Kelli’s birthday and asked them to bring out a dessert for her. The joke was on Kelli as word spread across the table that this was happening, to everyone but Kelli of course.

We had a good laugh when the waiter came over saying “Which one is Kelli?” Kelli’s response: “It’s not my birthday.” Way to play along Kelli!

We proceeded to break out in song, singing Happy Birthday to You. Kelli burst out into uncontrollable laughter when she found out Roger was the culprit behind our shenanigans. The plate told it all – Love Roger!, drizzled in chocolate.

This dessert was awesome. Chocolate Gelato Peanut Butter Mousse-Over The Top-Caramelized Banana Split with Mexican chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts. I love banana and peanut butter. I also love peanut butter and chocolate. Throw two favorite combinations together and what do you got? Well, the results may vary, but I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s gotta be good. In our case, it was just that.

Tico is a fun spot for a big group of friends. We didn’t get the greatest service but the manager was apologetic and they made up for it in the end. I think our experience was a result of a brand new restaurant still needing to work out a couple kinks. Give it a month or two, and I’m sure they will be rocking it. The food and drinks at least were! Can’t wait to go back again!

Next month it’s my turn to choose a restaurant for DC and we will be taking advantage of restaurant week and checking out a place in Inman Square that has been on my radar for a while now – East Coast Grille.

Peace, love, and food,




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  1. I loved their tiny tacos! Schlow has outdone himself on this one!

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