Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | May 6, 2011

I Love Fridays

I love Fridays. I love blue skies. I love 70 degree weather. I love having days off. Reasons why I loved today.

Let me continue…

I love waking up and having a light breakfast before yoga – an egg with a little cheddar cheese  on top of a slice of whole wheat toast.

I love Back Bay Yoga Studio and starting off my day with a hip hop yoga class.

I love walking through the Boston Commons on my way to Faneuil Hall. I love seeing the flowers in bloom and green on the trees. I love seeing people out and about soaking up the sun and good vibes.

I love meeting Elizabeth in the city and catching up on each others lives.

I love seeing food trucks in front of City Hall.

Note to self: Must buy chickpea sandwich from Clover in near future. Elizabeth had it and it was amazing!

I love Saus, Boston’s new one and only Belgian street food cafe. Think french fries and belgian waffles. Mmmmm…

I love that they have a million and one dipping sauces to choose from for your fries. I tried the Vampire Slayer which was roasted garlic, garlic oil, and mayo. It was pretty good but I think I enjoyed their homemade ketchup even more! Maybe the mayo on french fries takes some getting used to. I think I’ll try their truffle oil ketchup next time. Or maybe the cheddar duvel ale – aged cheddar cheese + belgian ale. What I do know is I still need to try their belgian waffles. They looked awesome. Saus, I will be returning.

Today has been great so far but the day is not over yet. Going to meet friends at Bella Luna to enjoy the rest of this gorgeous day outside!

I’m sure I will love Bella Luna as well.

What do you love?

Peace, love, and food,




  1. im sure you’ll love bella luna too!

  2. Is that Elizabeth on her blackberry in the background bhahahbhbhabhhaahaha

  3. see-there’s a lot of things to love in this world!!!
    and yes jess i was on by bberry. only because kara whipped out the iphone and i felt inadequate and had to compensate by deleting some emails. obviously.

    LOVE YOU!!

  4. Food trucks- how fun!!

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