Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | June 19, 2011

Yobro: Frozen yogurt cafe in Brookline

I live in a pretty residential neighborhood. There’s not too much excitement on a day to day basis. There are no trendy restaurants, no bars, no boutiques within a short walking distance. We have the essentials – a small grocery store, a coffee shop, a liquor store, and a dry cleaners.

This is why for the past couple months I have been itching with anticipation ever since I saw the “Coming Soon: Yobro frozen yogurt cafe.” A frozen yogurt cafe in my neighborhood? It seemed to good to be true. Every day I walked by I noted the progression in construction and I patiently awaited its imminent grand opening.

Flash forward to yesterday: Yobro is open for business! I’m going to be honest, I was worried that I hyped this place up way too much and it would be just your average fro yo joint. Wrong! Yobro exceeded my expectations completely.

Yobro is a small space but has a couple comfy lounge chairs as well as a couple tables and stools against a bar at the window. Yobro offers six different frozen yogurt flavors which will be alternating. Last night our options were: chocolate, coffee, watermelon, blueberry, mango, and tart unsweetened yogurt. If you would like to suggest a flavor to Yobro, email them at If your flavor is chosen, you get your picture up on the wall! The frozen yogurt at Yobro is Greek style yogurt, meaning the yogurt is strained to remove the liquid, leaving a consistency that is thicker and creamier. Greek style yogurt is much higher in protein compared to regular yogurt. Their yogurt is made locally by Sophia’s Greek Pantry in Belmont, MA. Extra points for local Greek fro yo.

When we walked into Yobro, we had no idea what to do. The cafe is self-serve frozen yogurt. The dispensers are located on the wall along with the cups and the toppings located to the side. You pay by ounce so you decide how much frozen yogurt you want and how many toppings. I thought the price was reasonable: $0.42/ounce. For two frozen yogurts, it cost us about $5.50. The staff is super friendly and offered us lots of tasting cups so we could try out all the flavors before choosing one. I tried the mango, tart, and blueberry. The mango and blueberry were so refreshing. The tart would have been nice with fresh fruit added. I decided on the mango and Steve got the blueberry. I added fresh strawberries, blueberries (which were previously frozen), and a spoonful of graham cracker crumbs. Steve added…cookie dough and m&m’s… :). In addition to the fro yo, they serve local coffee, and smoothies.

I really liked the vibe of Yobro. It was bright, colorful, and the signs on the wall were computer graphics which made it seem ultra hip & trendy. Just what our neighborhood needs! They have a flat screen t.v. on the wall where the Red Sox game was playing last night. They even had a great play list going and I found myself nodding my head and humming a couple tunes along with the music. They are open early which is perfect for that morning cup of coffee or fruit smoothie to start the day. And they are open late, until midnight on the weekends.

Steve and I loved their frozen yogurt. It’s very creamy, light, and refreshing. Steve is already asking when we can go back.

Yobro doesn’t have a website yet but you can read about them here.

Shifting gears, I found out some really exciting news last week I want to share with you all. I won a giveaway sponsored by Refuel With Chocolate Milk to attend the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference in Boulder, CO! The conference is next weekend and I can’t wait to meet fellow health bloggers and learn about how to improve my own blog. Moreover, I really am looking forward to exploring Colorado! As if I couldn’t get any luckier, a few of my dietitian and blogger friends, Jess, Corinne, and Lindsey, are speaking at the conference! They are going to rock their talk on busting nutrition myths. I can’t wait to share my experience at the conference and in Boulder with all of you! Thanks Chocolate Milk Refuel for the amazing opportunity!

Peace, love, and food,


Do you have a favorite place for frozen yogurt? What is your favorite summertime treat?



  1. My oldest son LOVES to do fro-yo. Having an RD mom fix your cup of fro-yo, he probably gets a much bigger share of fruit to yogurt ratio than his friends would if their moms were buying… but he loves it nonetheless 😉

    • I love high fruit to yogurt ratios! Frozen yogurt is a great vehicle to get in more fruit!

  2. I love plain, tart froyo. it’s my favorite!

    • I love plain tart froyo too! I’ve had it at berry line before and it’s delish.

  3. Hi Kara, we loved your review and thank you for the kind words. It means a lot to us that you enjoyed our offering, especially since you are an RD. I’m a cofounder and I’m a physician myself and we are proud of the healthy offering (110 calories and zero fat in a 4 oz serving). We’re off to a great start and hope to see you and your readers at YoBro. We welcome your readers’ suggestions for flavors and smoothie recipes and look forward to serving the community for years to come. –Scott Segal, MD, for the YoBro team

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