Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | July 12, 2011

Berry Picking Down on Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm

I have been dying to go berry picking ever since I went apple picking a few years back and found the joy in obtaining my fruit right from its source. After talking Steve’s ear off about how much I wanted to go berry picking this summer, we finally had some time to make it happen. To Steve’s relief I will stop talking about it now until the fall when it’s apple picking time.
We drove out to Millis, MA to Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm. The farm was recommended by Kate, a local dietitian. Check out her berry picking experience here. I originally was determined to find a farm that was still picking strawberries, but to my dismay, strawberries were out. The good news, blueberries and raspberries were in.

We were welcomed on the farm by this guy…

No joke, this was one loud rooster that liked to make his presence known.

His chicken and rooster friends liked to make their presence and hunger known to the picnickers nearby…

After seeing the free range chickens hanging out on the farm, I knew I was in for a great day.

And after I bought eggs that came from these guys, it turned out to be an even better day.

First up on the berry agenda, raspberries….

Steve managed to capture some candid shots of me picking raspberries. I think this one displays my determination to pick the best raspberries. If I just lean forward a little further…Almost got it…

On our way over to the blueberry bushes, we made a friend.

The blueberries were a little more challenging to pick, being a novice berry picker and all. At least with the raspberries I knew if they gave any pull, they were not ripe yet. With the blueberries, all I had to judge by was color. It took me a little longer to fill up my pint but slowly but surely, we filled em to the brim.

Before leaving the farm in addition to the eggs, we picked up some summer squash, zucchini, and fresh mozzarella made from a farm in VT.

I enjoyed berry picking being a team effort. Steve is already asking when we can go back to get more berries. I would love to go picking again this summer. It inspires me to make all sorts of fun dishes. You’ll have to check in again to see what antioxidant packed berry concoctions I came up with.

Peace, love, and berries,


Have you gone berry picking before? How about apple picking? What dishes have you made afterward?


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