Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | August 8, 2011

Adora Chocolate Calcium Giveaway

When I was at the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference back in June, Adora was nice enough to give us tons of free samples of their chocolate calcium supplements. Although it made packing and going through security at the airport a little more interesting, it was totally worth it. They also offered to host a free giveaway for Peace, Love, and Food readers! For more details on the giveaway, keep on reading!

I have used Adora calcium supplements in the past because I have a history of not being the most compliant vitamin taker. I spend tons of money on vitamins and then forget to take them! To increase my compliance, I tried Adora supplements because who forgets to take their daily dose of chocolate?!

Adora calcium supplements are available in milk and dark chocolate. Each chocolate disk contains 500mg Calcium Carbonate  (~50% of daily value) with 250 IU Vitamin D. You can find Adora at Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and Stop and Shop.

Why Calcium?

Calcium is essential to keep our bones strong. When we don’t get enough calcium from our diet, our body will take calcium from our bones, decreasing our bone mass. Decreased bone mass can lead to diseases such as osteopenia and osteoporosis. Just how prevalent is osteoporosis? 44 million Americans, of which 80% are female, are affected by this bone disease that results in over 1.5 million broken bones each year. Adequate calcium and vitamin D intake is key for preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin D is important to help our body absorb calcium.

How Much Calcium Do We Need?

4-8 yrs old: 800 mg calcium/day

9-18 yrs old: 1300 mg calcium/day

19-50 yrs old: 1000 mg calcium/day

51 yrs old+: 1200 mg calcium/day

Take 500-600 mg calcium at a time because your body can only absorb up to 600 mg calcium at a time. If you take all 1000 mg at one time, you will only absorb about half of that. Separate calcium doses by at least 2 hours for proper absorption.

What if I get enough calcium from food, do I need a supplement?

Food is always your #1 source of vitamins and minerals. When you obtain vitamins and minerals from food, they are absorbed better than when taken in supplement form. Let your motto be food first! It’s most important to make sure you have a wide variety of foods in your diet to obtain all the necessary nutrients you need to stay healthy. However, if you feel you could benefit from a little extra insurance, taking a daily calcium supplement is okay. Make sure to check with your doctor before starting a new supplement.

Would you like to try Adora Calcium Supplements? Here’s what you have to do to enter to win 1 bag of Adora Milk Chocolate and 1 bag of Adora Dark Chocolate:

1. Receive one entry by commenting on this post why you would love to win Adora Chocolate Calcium.

2. Receive another entry by tweeting: Free giveaway by @karalydonRD: Enter by 8/10 to win 2 bags of Adora Chocolate Calcium! Don’t forget to come back here and leave another comment that you tweeted!

3. Receive TWO entries by posting a link to this giveaway on your blog and then leaving another comment here with a link to your blog post.

I will choose one winner (Continental US residents only) using and announce the winner on Thursday August 11th. 

Good Luck!

Peace, love, and food,





  1. These are an awesome Ca supplement compared to those terrible chalky pills on the market! I would definitely opt to take these in the AM.

  2. I tweeted via @CarleneFutureRD

  3. I would love to try these Adora Calcium supplements because I have difficulty digesting regular vitamins (even with food or after a meal, I tend to get nauseous). I’ve never had any trouble with choclate 🙂 I’m excited to try these!

  4. Tweet posted – @AngelaAFarris

  5. i would love to win these because it would be a great way to get calcium that tastes great! who wouldn’t love eating chocolate chews??? 🙂

  6. I was *just* teling my husband that I’m not getting enough calcium – so these would be perfect!

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