Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | August 28, 2011

A weekend of “firsts” in NYC

Last weekend, I headed to the big apple for my friend Jamie’s wedding. I was somewhat of a nomad, traveling around the city to stay at a new apartment each night. It was a weekend of first experiences for me, including some new foodie experiences.

The night I arrived I met two of my college roommates, Andi and Jen, for dinner at a highly recommended paella restaurant, Socarrat. I surprised myself that I never tried paella before but was happy to know there are still new foodie experiences to be had.

We started out with a beet and goat cheese salad. Beets are one food I can’t get enough of this summer.

Andi, Jen, and I split the seafood paella. Paella is a traditional rice dish that originated in Spain. They served it to us in a cast iron skillet and we had to wait a few minutes before we could start scraping the rice from the bottom of the pan to serve. The rice was very crunchy as a result, unlike anything I had tasted before. Wondering why the rice is so dark? It was arros negre (black rice) which gets its dark color from squid ink. The ink is supposed to enhance the flavor of the seafood as well.

Jen and I with our paella…oh, and sangria of course.

The next day I met my cousin Ryan and his girlfriend Erica down by the South Street Seaport for my very first FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL! Yes, I was totally in my element here. Parked!, NYC’s very first food truck festival, started four years ago and features over 30 food trucks.

After scoping out all the trucks, I decided on Taim Mobile, a falafel and smoothie truck.

Taim is hebrew for highly pleasant to the taste; delicious. I would have to agree that their name suits them well.

I ordered a falafel sandwich with green falafel, hummus, israeli salad, pickled cabbage, and tahini in a whole wheat pita. The falafel was delicious and tasted super fresh.

That night for dinner, Ryan and Erica had a foodie first at the restaurant 15 East which serves traditional sushi and contemporary Japanese.

Neither Ryan or Erica had experienced sushi with raw fish (or eel for that matter!) so they both were in for a big adventure. Luckily they both enjoyed the sushi (as did I!). The restaurant offered very traditional rolls, nothing fancy.

Even though I am a sushi veteran, I can’t say the same for tempura rice pudding. I did have a “first” at 15 East afterall! The tempura rice pudding was served with a sake ice cream which was amazing.

I had my first People’s Pops‘ homemade popscile at the Williamsburg flea market in Brooklyn. People’s Pops is about taking local sustainable produce and herbs and transforming them into handmade ice pops and shaved ice.

Raspberry and basil ice pop.

The weekend ended with Jamie’s wedding. My very first friend growing up and my very first friend to get married. Congratulations to Jamie and Ben!

Peace, love, and NYC food,


What’ your favorite NYC restaurant or food truck? Have you had any foodie firsts lately?




  1. Wow looks delicious…especially the falafel! I just returned from a wonderfully culinary trip to Quebec City, though the strong influence of French cuisine made the healthiness of the food often questionable (for example the “foie gras creme brulee!”).

  2. I love falafels and I also love chick peas or garbanza beans. Chick peas are supposed to have phytochemicals in them that help prevent strokes according to Dr James Duke database. He was a botanist working for the Department of Agriculture for decades studying the benefits of many plant foods.

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