Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | October 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend Part II: Lineage and Tres Gatos

Birthday weekend means multiple indulgences carried out for more than just one day. I wasn’t just stopping at Red Lantern.
For brunch on Sunday, Steve and I went to Lineage – a restaurant in Brookline I have been dying to try for ages. I had heard great things from my friends about their brunch and knew my birthday was a perfect excuse for a birthday brunch splurge. Lineage, located in Coolidge Corner, features a new menu every day. Their menus reflect their appreciation for seasonality and dedicated local artisans and growers.
If you remember my post on poached eggs, then you remember my favorite brunch meal is Eggs Benedict, hands down. Love me some Hollandaise. Lineage’s Eggs Benedict (minus the ham plus extra spinach) was AMAHHHZING. Even Steve was blown away by the Eggs Benedict and was tempted to order a third plate. I’m a big critic of Eggs Benedict. I’ve eaten a lot in my day and I have to tell you this was the best Eggs Benedict I’ve ever had. The English muffins were dense and subtly sweet. The spinach was sauteed and looked and tasted so fresh. Then there was the Hollandaise which is a key player of Eggs Bene. When I was served the dish I said to myself I’m going to have to ask for more Hollandaise. There wasn’t a ton on the plate and it didn’t look as thick as usual. But boy was I surprised – the Hollandaise was SO flavorful, I didn’t need any extra. 20111007-060307.jpg

Dinner that night was as special if not more. We sort of stumbled upon it as we debated at 7pm after seeing a movie what we would do for dinner. We were driving back to JP to bring my good friend Topher home when he suggested this restaurant called Tres Gatos that was recommended by his coworkers. I hadn’t heard anything about this place but had walked by it before.

We walked into a small intimate restaurant with a bar and a few small tables. Looking at the menu, we realized it was a tapas restaurant. We were seated at a large table in the back where they could fit multiple small parties together. The table looked into the kitchen and further back from the kitchen was a book and music store. Only in JP. Our waitress was awesome and went through the entire menu with us, telling us which dishes were her favorites and which were most popular.

We started out with Aceitunas Aliñadas: warm marinated arbequina, cerignola, gaeta olives20111007-063051.jpg

Some of the tapas we tried…

Tortilla Espanola: Yukon gold potatoes, farm-fresh eggs, pimentón aioli


P.E.I. Mussels: spicy chorizo, sherry fino, garlic 20111007-063132.jpg

Patatas Bravas: crispy Yukon gold potatoes, aioli, salsa bravas


Mustard green and mizuna salad, with EVOO poached tuna, shaved fennel, caper dressing, and pepitas20111007-063114.jpg

Since it was my birthday (and our waitress was awesome I might add again) we tried some complimentary chocolate Marcona almonds for dessert that were delicious.


The food at Tres Gatos was so authentic and unique, I definitely want to venture there again in the near future.

Overall, it was the perfect indulgent birthday weekend. And really, should birthdays be anything less?

Peace, love, and food,


Lineage on UrbanspoonTres Gatos on Urbanspoon


  1. Those almonds look delicious!

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