Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | December 11, 2011

Pomodoro, Brookline

After a week of traveling, I came home craving a wholesome dinner to be shared with Steve. When Steve mentioned Pomodoro in Brookline Village, although I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for Italian, I knew the food would be fresh and delicious. The opposite of what you get on the road. I’d been to Pomodoro in the North End a handful of times. I couldn’t get enough of the super small restaurant with no bathroom, 3 beverage choices, and a basket full of money to replace the cash register. Despite all these characteristics, the food was authentic and fresh. Did I mention delicious?The Brookline location didn’t disappoint. Still small and intimate, but slightly bigger than its North End counterpart. The lighting was dim and the temperature was toasty, perfect for a chilly night. 

I started with a glass of Italian red wine which was comparable to a Pinot. Steve had an Old Fashioned which prompted the conversation of Steve being an old man :). I tried it but, sorry Bourbon, you’ll never be for me. 

While sipping on my wine, I enjoyed a piece of bread with the best olive oil in the world.

We split the arugula salad with pickled shallots, shaved Parmesean and olive oil and lemon juice. Prosciutto on the side for Steve. It was heavenly. I totally thought Steve would be pushing the pickled shallots to the side but he dug right in! The sign of a salad well done!

For my entree I had the pan seared salmon with olive tapenade served over a roasted corn and fennel broth with braised artichoke and creamy potatoes. It was delicious but I was full after eating half of it so I took the rest home and had it for lunch the next day.

Steve had linguini and meatballs with a tomato sauce. I snagged a bite of the pasta with sauce and it was perfect. We declined dessert but I was pleasantly surprised when the waitress brought over a complimentary chocolate pudding with a light cream swirled through to break it up. Since Steve has little to no sweet tooth, the dessert was all on me. I guess there are worse things. 🙂

Steve and I both were very pleased with our dining experience at Pomodoro. My only complaint is that the dinner felt a little rushed. I would’ve liked more time in between courses to take a breather. Steve’s already asking when we can go back so I’m sure Pomodoro will be seeing us again soon.

Peace, love, and food,


Where’s your favorite spot for Italian? Any awesome dining-out experiences lately?

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