Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | January 16, 2012

To drink or eat your fruits and vegetables, that is the question.

“Those fruit smoothie drinks are great..I get a full serving of fruit by drinking them!” I’ve heard this line many times and it drives me a little nutty to be frank. I even had a heated debate once with my own family as they were singing Naked Juices praises. So when V-8 asked me to do a product review of their new V-Fusion smoothies, I thought it was about time to set the record straight on the fruit smoothie health claims.

V-8 Fusion smoothies boast a full serving of vegetables PLUS a full serving of fruit per 8oz serving. So, for the folks that don’t eat many fruits or vegetables, this sounds like a win-win. It’s the same deal with Naked and Odwalla smoothies, claiming they contain 9 strawberries, 12 blueberries, 1/2 banana, and so on…Sweet, right?!

Let’s look a little closer and check out the ingredient list. The first ingredient listed on the label of V8 V-Fusion Smoothies is reconstituted vegetable juice blend which is concentrated juice. Let’s remember that all these smoothie drinks are really just 100% juice & fruit puree, nothing more. The bottom line: eating your fruits and vegetables gives you a whole lot more bang for your buck than drinking these fortified smoothies. When you eat fruits and vegetables, you get a ton of fiber and absorb more vitamins and minerals.

However, like juice, these smoothies have a place to be consumed in moderation. It’s okay to have about 4-6oz of juice diluted with water daily. It’s certainly a better choice than soda or other sports drinks which are loaded with added sugar. These smoothie drinks have no added sugar which is a plus. They taste great too; Steve was a big fan of the V-Fusion smoothies.

V8 was kind enough to send me all 3 new flavors to try – Strawberry Banana, Wild Berry and Mango which all tasted delicious. They also sent me a super cute pink bottle that I’ve been carrying water around in.

So to reiterate my friends, drinking a bit of juice or smoothie once in a while is fine but don’t count on it to fulfill your daily dose of fruits and veggies. If you’re looking to satisfy your smoothie craving, take a few minutes and make your own!

Peace, love, and food,


V8 provided me with a tote bag and water bottle but these opinions stated are my own.



  1. Agreed…and to be honest those V8 juices probably have ZERO nutrition after being processed so much! I make fresh vegetable/fruit juices daily and they have worked wonders in my life! check out my blog on health/wellness!

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