Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | April 9, 2012

A Taste of San Antonio

After my Napa Valley excursion, I flew straight to San Antonio. I was battling off the post-Napa Valley blues but San Antonio was a pretty decent place to recover. My first time to TX, I was in my element as soon as the heat hit me. I’m all about warm weather. Give me some sun, a dress and flip-flops, and I’m one happy camper. 

That’s what San Antonio gave me. It also provided some great cocktails and grub. I have to admit that I literally ate Mexican and Southwest fare for lunch and dinner daily. Needless to say, I shut down any suggestion for Mexican food when I returned home to Boston.

My favorite restaurant in San Antonio also had my favorite coasters…Ocho Lounge

Ocho was in the Hotel Havana which was basically Texas meets hippies. It was the coolest hotel I’ve ever seen and definitely will be staying there for future trips to the Alamo city. Think vintage. Think art. Think funky colors. 

We got an ideal spot right next to the open door with a view of the river and a nice cool breeze. 

Cocktail by candlelight. 

Unfortunately, most of my meals were outside at night with minimal lighting for picture taking! We did have a delicious lunch (in daylight!) at Boudros though. 

This place had me at “table-side guacamole.” 

I may have eaten guac every day I was there…my favorite was the avocado and poblano salsa at Ocho. This table-side guac had a great citrusy taste – considering they squeezed in fresh lemon, lime and orange juice!

Boudros (on the river walk) also had some good company to dine with…

And some refreshing beverages…prickly pear margarita?! For real. 

I definitely got my taste of San Antonio between fish tacos, gallons of guacamole, margaritas, quesadillas and churros.

I think I’m set until my next Texas rendezvous. I’d love to explore Austin sometime. 

Peace, love, and food,


Have you been to Texas before? What were your favorite eats? 



  1. I love San Anton! Had my first real mole’ there. Great post 🙂

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