Posted by: Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian | July 31, 2012

CSA Slaw and Summer Favorites

I like to have fun with my CSA boxes. Exhibit A: 

Seriously, who knew carrot greens were that ginormous? 

And that carrots could be this beautiful?

Also in my CSA box was a head of Napa cabbage. I decided to make a slaw, making good use of these carrot beauties. It was a simple dish inspired by this recipe. Just a few ingredients needed made it deliciously simple. 

We served this up with some local scallops we got from Whole Foods and sautéed them in teriyaki. All over a bed of brown rice. 

Besides throwing dishes together from my CSA..I have been out and about a bit this summer enjoying a few of my new favorite things:

Greens shallot (swiss chard, saffron yogurt, and crispy shallots) sandwich from Cutty’s.

Beer-gria from Sweet Cheeks. 

Farro & pea tendrils from Canary Square.

Sunsets by lighthouses in Maine.

Or, off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

What have been some of your new favorites this summer? Have you ever found heirloom carrots in a CSA or at your Farmer’s Markets?

Peace, love, and food.



  1. Those carrot tops would make a great pesto!

  2. Yummy eats 🙂

    Come and share your delicious goodness with the rest of the CSA link party… Hope to see you there!

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